What Is the Basic Track at Scor!?

A place where those who have recently begun a string instrument can learn skills and play music at a comfortable, beginning level.

Am I Ready to Come to Scor!?

Let's find out. Take the short quiz below:

By the time Scor! rolls around, will you have played for 6 months or more?

Can you read music at a basic level?

Do you want to improve?

If you answered Yes to all 3 questions, then you are ready! Don't miss out on Scor! because you don't believe us. ;-)

What is the expected level of participants in the Basic Track?

The Basic Track is designed for those with 6 months to about 3-4 years of experience on your instrument. The coordination and basic technique required for string playing are still "in development". You can read music at a basic level, and can identify notes, but you may not yet be comfortable with reading notes and rhythms fluently. You can play with the bow but are still working on getting a good tone, and staying in certain parts of the bow. You know generally where to put your fingers for easy music, but are still working on intonation. You have not yet done much with shifting and have not started vibrato. You may have never played in an ensemble before, or have little ensemble experience on this instrument.

To participate in the Basic Track, you need to be able to read and play very simple written music (such as music including at least 1/8, 1/4 & 1/2 notes, and the keys of D & G). If you don't yet know how to read music, expect to learn the basics before you arrive at Scor!, or wait to attend until you've learned.

Check out the Basic Track String Orchestra on these YouTube videos:

2009 String Orchestra (Basic Track)

2011 String Orchestra (Basic Track)

How is the Basic Track experience different from the other tracks?

You’ll experience group and ensemble instruction with music appropriate to your level. You will also participate in many relevant classes and sessions. Here are some specifics:

Basic Ensemble: While the others participate in Chamber Orchestra, you'll be in the Basic Ensemble. You'll learn and practice ensemble skills, such as starting and ending together, keeping a group pulse, and playing in unison and in parts, both with a group leader and on your own. You'll experience some instruction in keys, scales, rhythms, and sight-reading. All the music will be tailored to your beginning level.

Basic Group Lessons: While the others have chamber music where they are coached 1/2 the time, and rehearse 1/2 the time, often 1 person on a part, you will be in a group lesson. Some technique and musical skills will be addressed, and you'll hone your ensemble skills in a safe environment with easy music.

Sessions: You'll participate in instructional sessions with the other Scor! Campers. These sessions are designed to be multi-level, and will offer an abundance of techniques, tips, and skills that will be relevant and helpful to you in your playing.

What if I'm Still Not Sure?

On a personal note... Don't let level concerns stop you from attending Scor!--Our unique Scor! approach is helpful, encouraging, and challenging to players across a very wide range of playing levels. I'm happy to help you find out where you fit at Scor!. Just contact me and explain your level and experience over the phone or email. I can give you advice on which level to sign up for, and also adjust your level after you've signed up. And... switching tracks at Scor! is often as simple as walking across the hall. If for some reason you're unhappy in your track, you can simply move at camp. If I feel you'll fit better in a different track than you chose when registering, I'll contact you to discuss. Looking forward to seeing you at Scor!. -Beth Bultman, Scor! Program Director & Violin Faculty

Contact me (Beth) at scor@stringcamp.com or 877-726-7267. If you're in the middle of registering, just choose one of the levels, and continue filling out your registration. (Click finish at the end or all the info you typed is lost!) Feel free to contact me later to clarify, and we can EASILY make changes. Please (please!) leave a message if we can't answer the phone right away, and we'll call you back.

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