In mature camps, Scor! offers a more complete slate of level-organized opportunities for adult players than any other similar camp.  We have tracks for players with the following approx. levels of experience: 3 months - 4 years, 4-12 years, and 12+ years.  This variety of playing levels results in a diverse range of product interest to match up with your equally unique products. 

Expendable income of many Scor! campers is high, and most have already committed $500-$800 plus travel  from numerous states to attend.  Campers have demonstrated a high level of financial commitment to the learning and enjoyment of playing a stringed instrument.  Campers have frequently sought out string shops near Scor! Camps on their own and have purchased accessories and expensive instruments.  Reach them with a Scor! sponsorship or exhibit and build your customer base!

The majority of Scor! campers are between the ages of 40 and 75.  Many live in areas that are not convenient to string shops, and welcome the opportunity to learn what your business has to offer.

When campers research Scor! & come to camp, they are excited about strings and music and want to make the most of the opportunity.  Your company can be a part of the tangible excitement and enthusiasm surrounding Scor!

All of these factors translate into a unique opportunity for your company! 


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