There are many types of sessions offered at Scor! tailored especially for adult string players like you. Look for these exciting and informative sessions & opportunities at Scor! events this season:

Technique Sessions: Get some new revelations on how good technique can benefit you! Open up a new world of possibilities in your playing and brush up on your fundamentals. Come with your technical and musical questions.

Cello Technique Class/Viola Technique Class/ Violin Technique Class: Learn key aspects of technique specific to your instrument that will allow you to play with less pain, better accuracy and sound, and more freedom. Topcis covered may include relaxing & maintaining a loose bow arm, executing various bow strokes efficiently, relaxing the left hand to play with more consistent intonation, tips on shifting & vibrato, & more.
Articulate! Want to hear clarity in your sound? Learn to produce clear accents? Improve your stylistic approach and expressive playing? Expreience an attention to bow stroke detail that takes you to the next level!

Vibrato: Vicious or Vivacious? A session on vibrato! When should I start vibrato? How do I develop vibrato? Does my vibrato look right? How can I improve and vary my vibrato? Get your vibrato questions answered and take the next steps toward improvement.

General Sessions: You'll explore general musical topics, ensemble skills, and other practical and helpful topics.

See Music Differently: What's the secret to sight-reading? Have you ever gotten totally overwhelmed at ALL THOSE NOTES in front of you? How do professionals sight-read so accurately and confidently? Learn to see music the way professionals do, with built-in tricks to help you sight-read more accurately and quickly, play more rhythmically, and improve your ensemble playing.
Hear Music Differently: Music schools teach ear training because it's so important to learn how to hear music. Many poeple focus almost exclusively on listening to their own part when playing with an ensemble. Step back and hear the larger picture. How does your note sound with the rest of the ensemble? When you better understand the role of notes and chords in music, you'll play more in tune, and be a better ensemble and solo player. Optional: Try some improvisation with your newfound knowledge! (Improvisation not required.)

Playing Sessions: Nothing like playing that instrument. Join the fun!

Chamber Music Coachings: Work with top quality chamber music performers & teachers to learn the secrets to great ensemble playing.
Fun with Fiddle! Even if you've never fiddled before, try it out! Vibrant toe-tappin' fun, including Celtic, Old Time, & original fiddle styles.
Chamber Music Reading: Enjoy some chamber music with your new musical friends, pressure-free!

Chamber Orchestra
Build your ensemble skills, learn some beautiful string orchestra music, and focus on making a good section sound. Experience the joy of playing with others like yourself, and enhance your ensemble skills and musicality.

Private Lessons
A private lesson is your opportunity to get an hour of unique, customized instruction from our knowledgeable and dedicated faculty during Scor!.
Come with specific questions or the desire to improve your playing. Solve your playing mysteries! Private lesson openings are limited and often sell out before camp, so sign up soon if you want one. (Private lessons take place during Scor!.)

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