What About My Level?

Scor! accommodates players at many levels from recent beginners to advanced amateurs into 3 tracks at this camp. If you’ve played for six months, a few years, or most of your life, we have a place for you!

DON'T STRESS! If you're in the middle of registering, just choose one of the levels, and continue filling out your registration. (Click "Finish" at the end or your info is lost.) Feel free to contact us later to clarify, and we can EASILY talk with you to find where you'll best fit and make changes.

Choose the Track to Fit You!

Basic Track (about 6 months - about 3-4 years experience) Beginners: This one's for you! The Basic Track is your choice if you’ve only have a few years of experience playing your string instrument. Does this describe you?

The coordination and basic technique required for string playing are still "in development". You can read music at a basic level, and can identify notes, but you may not yet be comfortable with reading notes and rhythms fluently. You can play with the bow but are still working on getting a good tone, and staying in certain parts of the bow. You know generally where to put your fingers for easy music, but are still working on intonation. You do not yet shift to various positions and have not started vibrato. You may have never played in an ensemble before, or have little ensemble experience on this instrument.

If so, this track is for you! You’ll experience group and ensemble instruction with music appropriate to your level. You will also participate in many relevant classes and sessions. In your online registration, simply sign up for the Basic Track.

To participate in the Basic Track, you need to be able to read and play very simple written music (such as music including at least 1/8, 1/4 & 1/2 notes, and the keys of D & G). If you don't yet know how to read music, expect to learn the basics before you arrive at Scor!, or wait to attend until you've learned.

To read more about the Basic Track experience at Scor!, CLICK HERE.

General Track (about 3-4+ years experience) Perfect for the typical amateur player. Most participants have at least 3+ years of playing experience, and many with years more. You should also have had least a year of ensemble (group) experience. Does this more or less describe you?

You have reached a level of proficiency where you are comfortable with various bow strokes and articulations (long, short, etc.). You can play in different keys and you have at least begun shifting and vibrato or maybe you feel accomplished and comfortable with them. You can sight-read basic notes and ryhthms and have a sense of pulse. You have had at least 1 year of coached ensemble experience on the instrument you're coming to Scor! with. You may be a strong sight-reader or have a lot of experience in ensemble.

If so, this track's for you. You'll dig in to lots of great music for a good learning challenge, while still having loads of fun! In your online registration, simply sign up for the General Track. The General Track includes chamber music, during which you'll be coached 1/2 the time, and rehearse on your own 1/2 the time. If you would like a coach to be present most/all the time, you should sign up for the Basic Track.

If you have not yet had around 1 year of coached ensemble experience on the instrument you're bringing to Scor!, we recommend you try the Basic Track first. In the Basic Track, we teach lots of ensemble skills that are very specific to string instruments. These aspects of the Basic Track are highly beneficial even if you've been playing a longer or have played another instrument in ensembles before.

Performance Track For the more experienced & accomplished player. The Performance Track affords a challenging and enriching environment for dedicated players with advanced skills. Participants should have at least 12+ years of training. Does this describe you?

You have played for quite a long time (12 - 50+ years) and currently play in an ensemble or have a lot of ensemble experience. You probably played as a child, but if not, you've been practicing very dedicatedly for quite a while. You are very comfortable sight-reading moderate-level music, and can reliably keep a pulse and hold your own in an ensemble. You are comfortable with 2 or 3 octave scales. You have several bow strokes and a good tone at your command, and you are able to easily execute a variety of positions on your instrument as well as vibrato.

If so, this track's for you. In your online registration, simply sign up for the Performance Track.


Optional e-Audition: (Performance Track only)

Some attendees who have participated in coached chamber music in the Performance Track have been interested in sharing a sample of their playing for the purposes of group placement.  Although not required, we invite you to submit an audio file of your playing to help us better place you with a group of similar players. This gives you peace of mind, knowing that we've heard you, not just read about your playing description.

We can accept .WAV files and Mp3 files. Simply copy a file (such as a track from a CD recording, or an Mp3 file) to your computer, then attach to an email and send to: scor@stringcamp.com Please note in the subject line: "e-audition: first & last name". That's it! 

You can send an audio file at the time of registration, or feel free to send one anytime before the final registration deadline.

NOTE: Excessivly large files may not get to us, so please send only a few minutes of music, not a 1/2 hour recording! We do not have the resources to provide technical support for creating or sending a file--if a file bounces back to you, try emailing a smaller audio file.

Please do not submit recordings by mail, as we may not receive them while traveling.  

Still Not Sure?

On a personal note... Don't let level concerns stop you from attending Scor!--Our unique Scor! approach is helpful, encouraging, and challenging to players across a very wide range of playing levels. I'm happy to help you find out where you fit at Scor!. Just contact me and explain your level and experience over the phone or email. I can give you advice on which level to sign up for, and also adjust your level after you've signed up. And... switching tracks at Scor! is often as simple as walking across the hall. If for some reason you're unhappy in your track, you can simply move at camp. If I feel you'll fit better in a different track than you chose when registering, I'll contact you to discuss. Looking forward to seeing you at Scor!. -Beth Bultman, Scor! Program Director & Violin Faculty

Contact me (Beth) at scor@stringcamp.com or 877-726-7267. If you're in the middle of registering, just choose one of the levels, and continue filling out your registration. (Click finish at the end or all the info you typed is lost!) Feel free to contact me later to clarify, and we can EASILY make changes. Please (please!) leave a message if we can't answer the phone right away, and we'll call you back.

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